made a little mockup of how the vleespas could look

Would you still eat as much meat as you do now when you would have to slaughter the animals you eat yourself? Based on that question, I started fantasizing about a way to reduce meat consumption in the Netherlands. The outcome was ‘de Vleespas’ which translates to ‘the Meatcard.
It is a bit of a radical plan but here it comes:
Imagine: The Meatcard is an official government document just like an identity card or a driver's license. Supermarkets and restaurants are required to ask for a meat pass when someone wants to purchase or order meat or fish products. The purchase can only be approved upon presentingna meat pass with a valid license for the relevant product. No meat or fish may be sold without a valid license. Just like alcohol can not be sold to young people without valid ID proof.
Meat and fish products are divided into 5 categories; poultry, beef, pork, goat/sheep and fish. To obtain a license for a category you will have to slaughter an animal from that category with your own hands. There will be special slaughterhouses where you can make an appointment and then be guided through the slaughter process. After a successful slaughter you will receive a license for X number of years.
In this way, not only will the threshold for eating meat be raised. People will also become much more aware of the industry behind meat and fish consumption.