Every first Monday of the month, the dutch air raid sirens are tested across the Netherlands at exactly 12.00 noon. This is now a monthly reminder to all Dutch men to check themselves for testicular cancer. 
The campaign video quickly gained traction on various social media platforms and gained attention from both national and international media outlets. This widespread exposure resulted in a significant number of individuals being familiar with The Ballenalarm campaign before the alarm even sounded. 
In January 2022, the Intergraal Kanker Centrum Nederland released a report on the monthly incidence of new testicular cancer diagnoses. The findings revealed a notable increase of around 35% in November 2022 compared to previous years. Overall, we estimate that our message reached around 7 million people. This calculation takes into account the average number of people who engaged with the TV shows, radio shows, podcasts, newspapers, and articles featuring the Ballenalarm during that period, along with the coverage on social media. The term "Ballenalarm" gained recognition and was nominated as the word of the week by Het Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal, acknowledging its significance and prominence during that time.